China Military Marching Compass History

During the 1920s and 1930s , The Chinese Nationalists Government backed by Germany begin to manufacture the military marching compass. The Germany provides the technical instruct and document. The initial China military marching compass was named zhongzheng Model, basically the zhongzheng Model is the imitation of BREITHAUPT (clk) Model COKIL (Compass Kilometer)
germany military marching compass cokilgermany military marching compass cokilChina military marching compass zhongzhengChina military marching compasszhongzhengMost Zhongzheng Model is made by state-run company. In 1949, after the Chinese Civil War, the Communist Party of China take over the government, due to most military industry was damaged, the Communist party government asked some privately enterprise to produce the military marching compass. The military compass was named 51 Model.
China military marching compass51Comparing with Zhong zheng Model, The 51 Model only changes the dial form. due to the material shortage, some product needle form changed from arrow to rhombus. during 1955, the 51 Model revise version 55 Model issued. The needle form is official change to rhombus.
China military marching compass55During 1957, the 57 Model issued. The needle form changed to rectangle and the map reader is canceled. The dial glass add rectangle luminescent indicator.
China military marching compass57China military marching compass57At the same time People Liberation Army special designed the pocket compass for senior officer.
China military marching compass57bChina military marching compass57bDuring 1962, the 62 Model is issued. The 62 Model changed the needle form again from rectangle to rhombus and the map reader is attached again. Due to the 62 Model productions time is very long (from 1962 to early 2000), the production quantity is very huge, it still is the People Liberation Army’s standard equipment.
China military marching compass62During 1965, the 65 Model is issued. 65 Model is 62 Model civilian version, most for export.
China military marching compass65During 1980, The 80 Model issued. 80 Model is first liquid filled compass.
military compass fl80